Application Ranks
Dec 2018
1 메시지 29,826,174 97.3
2 카카오톡 29,525,188 96.3
3 Google Play 스토어 29,492,105 96.2
4 갤러리 28,887,608 94.2
5 런처 28,833,916 94.0
6 카메라 28,758,790 93.8
7 주소록 27,789,805 90.6
8 알람/시계 25,824,637 84.2
9 YouTube 25,543,487 83.3
10 비디오 플레이어 23,351,669 76.2

<Notification on Statistical Data Limitations>
Data and reports provided by this website are the properties of Nielsen Koreanclick, an internet media research & consulting service provider. The data and reports include prospective views for various industries that may have influences on upcoming businesses of related companies or their financial status. One who uses the data and reports, however, should keep it in mind that there exists various unknown and/or uncontrollable variables that may affect the outcomes of the businesses not in the same way as the data and reports exhibit.

We, Nielsen Koreanclick, offer statistical estimation for usage and behavior patterns of domestic internet users in Korea. The estimation offered may differ from the actual data due to the existence of various factors causing statistical deviation, including sampling errors. In addition, the methodologies used for our studies may result in different conclusions compared to those of complete enumeration surveys such as ‘site-centric’ or ‘browser-centric’ researches because of the differences in measuring targets(we exclude usage data at public locations such as schools, PC café and outside of Korea) and measuring standards(we only measure completed pages as valid but not requested pages)

Furthermore, we, Nielsen Koreanclick, have been tracking down mobile usage data only for Android OS users due to the technical limitations and restrictions existing for other mobile OSs. The other mobile and tablet PC OSs, including iOS, are excluded from our measuring targets but the Android users account for more than 80% of the total smart phone usage shares in Korea. The traffic data for mobile-web and mobile-app are measured and aggregated separately due to the dissimilarity in measuring standards. In particular, the measurement on ‘In-app Browsing Contents’ is, as for now, not viable because of technical limitations. We are, however, expecting to resolve the technical issues regarding iOS and in-app contents as stated above and provide more precise and accurate online usage data for the upcoming years.