Internet Advertising Effect Research(TAR, Total Ad Ratings)
Total Ad Ratings is a total ads measurement solution that enables 3R(Reach, Resonance, Reaction) step analysis by measuring ads exposure of media consumers in relevant media platforms and conducting qualitative research on the consumers’ attitude towards ads.

TAR Methdology

1. Collect ads campaign plan data through Nielsen's own platform.
2. Measure ads exposure to the customers and its details.
3. Conduct qualitative research(online survey)to measure the effects of exposure-awareness, purchase intention, message association and ads recall.
4. Publish the research reports based on the exposure data and survey result.

Total Ad Rating solution helps our clients, especially for ad agencies and media reps, to plan the most effective and yet efficient media-mix strategy with budget constraint.

3R Approaches (Reach → Resonance → Reaction)

3R Approaches

Research Process

Research Process

TAR Inquiry

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