PC User Measurement Service
Measuring and conducting researches on recruited PC panels, We, Neilsen KoreanClick, provide comprehensive and yet in-depth measurement data on domestic PC Internet users by week and month, in the form of syndicated report service.

The syndicated report service provides comprehensive PC usage data, ranging from the web to PC applications such as instant messengers, game client applications, multimedia players, etc.

The PC internet usage data, accumulated since 2000s, are available in our ‘PC Syndicated Report’ product.

Syndicated Report Product

  Premium Premium-
20 User
Maximum Users 50 20 5
Measurement Period 2000 2000 Latest 24 months
Report List
Web Measurement Report*
Web Analytic Report  
PC Application Report  
Web+App Mesurement Report  

* Web Analytic Report: Web Analytic Report includes comprehensive analytical reports on internet usage, such as KPI, Main-Use, Periodical Analysis, Media Planning report.

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