Mobile User Measurement Service
As mobile becomes more important in online market, Nielsen Koreanclick initiated Mobile User Measurement Service in 2012 and ever since has been providing usage data of domestic Androids OS users by week and month, in the form of syndicated reports service.

Since April 2019, we have also conducted a measurement on mobile usage behavior among IOS mobile device users to provide a wider range of mobile usage data.

Just like PC, Mobile usage data are divided into web traffic data and application usage data. Total(PC+Mobile) usage data are available for those subscribing both PC and Mobile Premium products.

Syndicated Report Product

  Premium Standard
Maximum Users* 5 5
Measurement Period 2012 Latest 24 months
Service List
Mobile Web Measurement Report
Mobile Web Analytic Report*  
Mobile Application Measurement Report
Application Analytic Report*  
Web+App Measurement Report  

* The number of maximum users PC would be decided by PC product, in case of PC+MO contract.

* Web / Application Analytic Report: Web / Application Analytic Report includes comprehensive analytical reports on internet usage, such as KPI, Main-Use, Periodical Analysis, Media Planning report.

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