Policy for Copyright Protection

About Nielsen Koreanclick’s Guideline for Intellectual Property Protection and Data Utilization.

Nielsen Koreanclick protects its property rights and is committed to helping its clients, individuals and/or organizations, to utilize the data following the ‘Nielsen Koreanclick’s Guideline for Intellectual Property Protection and Data Utilization’.

Policy for Copyright Protection

Nielsen Koreanclick is the owner of all the data and reports, along with their derivatives, it produces and its intellectual properties are under the legal protection of copyright laws and treaties around the world. The actions below are examples for copyright infringement and those who are responsible for such actions are in violation of the copyright laws.

1. Using and/or reproducing intellectual properties of Nielsen Koreanclick without any permission.
2. Displaying and/or distributing intellectual properties of Nielsen Koreanclick without any permission.

Guideline for Data Utilization

We, Nielsen Koreanclick, may share our data with the media or press in order for public purposes. We strongly recommend that our clients utilize our data for their road shows, commercials, articles, or any kinds of decision-making processes. In case for using the data for such purposes, one should comply with the statements below and not mistranslate or misuse the original data we provide.

1. When releasing our data to the press, regardless of its intention or purpose, please reveal its source as ‘Nielsen Koreanclick’

2. When citing our data, please include data-related information such as names, units, time ranges, and detailed definitions from the original data. Please contact us for more details regarding citation.

3. One could cite our data and reports in news articles in order for public purposes but it is required for those who utilize the reports to get a prior approval from us before its publication.

4. ‘News Flash’, which is released through our website(www.koreanclick.com) once a month, is currently the only official press release by Nielsen Koreanclick. For this reason, those who utilize our data not from the ‘News Flash’ should clarify that the data are not excerpts from our official release and do not represent opinions of Nielsen Koreanclick.

5. It is prohibited by law for one to use, without permission, our intellectual properties, including data, reports, and their derivatives, acquired from various unofficial sources.

6. We, Nielsen Koreanclick, provide statistical estimation of behavioral data for domestic internet users therefore it is possible that the data we provide may differ from the actual population data, a deviation or statistical error which is caused by various unknown, uncontrollable variables. Please note that our panel-based methodologies may result in different outcomes compared to those of site-centric or browser-centric researches due to the fact that measuring targets and standards differ from each other.

Data Utilization Inquiry

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