Customized Data Services
We, Nielsen KoreanClick, offer two types of solutions that measure internet users’ behaviors, ‘Nielsen KoreanClick Syndicated Reports‘, updated weekly and monthly basis, and 'Customized Data Service‘, designed to deliver specific solutions and insights to our clients.

Through 'Customized Data Service‘, we offer data analysis on target areas that our clients have great interests in. The analyzed data may be delivered in any format and utilized in the process of establishing marketing strategies and/or e-businesses plans for our clients.

'Customized Data Service’ contains online usage data, which may be utilized in performance analysis or visit pattern analysis for specific websites and/or applications.
Internet Traffic Analysis(Behavioral data)
Neilsen KoreanClick measures client's performance and offers ideas for a 'To-Be' model through the accurate analysis of internet users' usage of & attitude on website and applications, based on highly advanced technology for data collection and processing.
Online Survey (Attitudinal Data)
KoreanClick provides accurate survey data based on credible panels and systematic survey tools.

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