Privacy Policy
1. Definition

Personal information is defined as information concerning a living person with which you may identify the individual such as name and resident registration number and any other relevant information. (The information alone may not suffice to identify a person, but it can be easily combined with other information to identify an individual.) Information related with this is defined as personal information as well.
Nielsen Koreanclick obtains personal information only in purpose of issuing membership and an ID, and providing information service.

1) Scope of Personal Information Collection
Nielsen KoreanClick only collects the following information: Name, Email address, IP address, MAC address
In case of email inquiry, Koreanclick also obtains personal information, such as name, email address, phone number.

2) Personal information Collecting Methodology
Nielsen Koreanclick acquires user's persoanl information when user subscribe for the service.

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
Nielsen Koreanclick collects and uses the client’s personal information only for such purposes as specified below.

1) Service information
Deliver the important announcement for the syndicated repot users, including data open schedule, limitation and any updates on data processing.

2) Newsletter
Nielsen Koreanclick sends newsletter for the subscribers.

3. Period of possession and utilization of personal information
As a general rule, once the personal data has fulfilled the purposes for which they were collected, they are to be immediately discarded. Except for the following that will be retained for certain periods for reasons noted below.

4. Procedures and methods of discarding personal information
As a general rule, once the personal data has fulfilled the purposes for which they were collected, they are immediately discarded. The procedure and method to discard is detailed below.
1) Use technical method to stop reproduction of personal information saved in electronic form.
2) Shred or incinerate any kind of printed material that contains personal information.

5. Providing information about the third party
Nielsen KoreanClick does NOT disclose members' personal information to any other member or outside party. However, be aware that in certain circumstances, such as when it is deemed necessary to disclose personal information based on sufficient grounds that legal actions need to taken against a person or an institution who violated Nielsen KoreanClick service agreement and/or used Nielsen KoreanClick services to cause legal harm to the company or to others and/or violated public morals in any way, exceptions shall be made.

6. Consignment of collected personal information
Nielsen orenalClick does NOT consign member’s personal information to any other member or outside party. In the event of occurrence of need to consign the processing of the personal information in the future, subject of consignment, contents of consigned works will be notified to the members.

7. Request for withdrawal, viewing or revision of membership
Revisions to members' personal information may be made in 'Revise Personal Information' on the website, and members may view and revise their personal information at any time. The revised information will become effective as soon as the revision process has been completed. If one wishes to withdraw his membership or if there is an inevitable reason that one does not allow the use of his personal information, he must call or e-mail to Nielsen Koreanclick and go through due formalities. Also, if a Nielsen Koreanclick member conveys his withdrawal intent, this shall be investigated immediately to be properly managed.

8. Automatic collection of personal information
A cookie is an element of data that a website server can send to the user's computer and it contains information about the websites he visited and his personal information. The user may set the web browser to accept all cookies, be notified when he receives a cookie, or block all cookies. Information collected with the cookies is limited to Session ID, and no other information is gathered. Cookies are terminated when one logs out.

9. Measures for Securing Safety of Personal Information
Nielsen Koreanclick has taken technical and physical measures as below, necessary for securing safety of personal information not to be leaked, falsified or harmed. 
1) Restrictions on access to personal information: Koreanclick access to personal information only in purpose of administration and notification.
2) Technical measures against hacking: Nielsen Koreanclick has installed security programs and renew and inspect the programs to protect personal information from being leaked to outside or destroyed by hacking or computer viruses and has installed its systems in an area access to which is restricted to technically and physically monitor and block access from outside.

10. User’s obligation
The right to access Koreanclick’s service with issued ID and Password is limited to the person who signed the contract with Nielsen Koreanc lick. Koreanclick may not be responsible for the illegal use of Id and password. Please be secure that the password is not disclosed to other parties and not to stay log on the service to avoid the personal information leakage.

11. Contact information for the Personal Information Administrator

Personal Information Executive
• Name: Changryul Lee
• Title: Team Chief
• Department: Product Team
• Phone number: 2122-0170
• E-mail:
Personal Information Administrator
• Name: Sunhee Yun
• Title: Team Chief
• Department: Client Service
• Phone number: 2122-0156
• E-mail:

12. Duty to notify
The Company shall notify users of any changes to this privacy policy through the website (or through individual notifications) 10 days before to modify the policy. Moreover, If in case of the member’s agreements are needed the notification should be done 30 days ahead to the modification.

- This privcay policy has been notified from 2012.08.31
- This privacy policy will be enforced starting 2012.09.01