About KoreanClick
Nielsen Koreanclick , specialized in media research, provides online-related research and consulting services to its both local and global clients. The fundamentals behind the services are thorough and close studies on behaviors of domestic internet users(MS Windows and Android OS Users only) by collecting and analyzing their behavioral data.

Nielsen Koreanclick, whose predecessor was known as Koreanclick, founded in July 2000 and M&Aed by Nielsen Company Korea in September 2009, is specialized in media research. In 2012, Nielsen Koreanclick initiated its mobile service measuring behaviors of domestic smart phone users(Android OS users only) and since then it has been providing various online-related analysis solutions based on the behavioral data of the digital media users it has been tracking down.

Since its foundation, Nielsen Koreanclick has been seeking to provide quality services by continuously investing in R&Ds and focusing on quality controls, an effort which has enabled Nielsen Koreanclikc to become the leading company and its data to be acknowledged as market standards in digital media research service industry in Korea.

2014.6 Launched Total Advertisement Research service(Video Ad & nScreen based)
2014.1 Launched nScreen User Behavioral Research Report Service
2013.3 Launched Digital Shopper Journey Research Service
2013.1 Conducted a research on purchasing patterns on social commerce websites (PC-based)
2012.3 Released Official Smart Phone Usage Pattern Report Service(Android Users only)
2012.2 Office Relocation : 15F Central Place bld. , Seosomun-ro 50, Jung-gu, Seoul
2009.9 M&Aed by Nielsen Company
2009.7 Conducted the 18th Enumeration Survey with Nielsen Korea
2008.9 Officially launched a social listening platform ‘Buzzword’
2008.7 Conducted the 15th Enumeration Survey with TNS Korea
2008.4 Released Online Video/Clip Streaming Report
2007.3 Office Relocation: 8F Ildong bld., Daechi-dong 968-5, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
2006.5 Demerged affiliate marketing division and established ‘Linkprice’
2005.4 Launched ‘Searchian.com’, the first domestic searching engine marketing information service
2004.3 Released the first domestic ‘Application Measurement Report’ in Korea
2003.9 Office Relocation: Anyang bld., Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu
2000.7 Conducted the 1st Enumeration Survey with RI Korea
2000.7 Officially released Koreanclick Internet User Behavioral Research Report(PC-based)
2000.3 Founded Koreanclick