Nielsen Global
1. About Nielsen

Nielsen(NYSE: NLSN) is the global leader in the fields of research and analysis on Market & Consumer Information/TV rating & Commercials/PC & Mobile User Measurement.
Headquartered in New York and Diemen, We align our business into two principal reporting segments, ‘What Consumers Watch’ and ‘What Consumers Buy’ and provide our clients with integrated insights and information on consumer behaviors around the world.
Arthur C. Nielsen, one of the pioneers of modern market research, founded AC Nielsen Company in August 1923 with the idea of selling engineering performance surveys and It was the first company to offer market research. He also contributed to developing foundations of the methodologies, which offer credible and objective information of how performance in competition and business marketing & operating programs impacted on revenues and profits, used for modern retail research. This was the first retail measurement of its kind and for the first time allowed a company to determine its ‘share’ of the market—the origination of the concept for ‘market share’, which is frequently used as an important yardstick in today’s business performance review.
2. Nielsen's Global Network

With its presence in global major cities around the world such as San Francisco, Chicago, New York, London, Singapore, etc., Nielsen conducts systematic yet practical oversea researches through Nielsen Information Research Center, along with it over 130 local networks.